Friday, April 27, 2012


change is good.
i'm definitely the textbook definition of change when it comes to my living room.
i think i change the arrangement every month or so.
it's a joke amongst our family that ron will have his coffee in the morning on the couch and when he comes in later in the morning for coffee again, he's sitting on the same couch in a different spot.

i {heart} change.

but some people don't......i know.

today i changed the design & look of my blog.
i like the changes.
it's definitely more spring-like.
spring is good.

and recently i changed a little something in my kitchen.
i added some decor above my patio doors.
my sister cut the mdf for me and the vinyl letters.
i did the painting.
ron did the hanging.
i {heart} my hubby.
i {heart} my new signage too.

isn't it true?
life IS, eat dessert first.
why not?

going to do some changes with my camera soon too. that i said it, maybe it will happen.

random thought:
wishing my niece a happy 18th birthday TODAY!!!!

{from the farm},


  1. i enjoyed reading your random thoughts.

    i like your spring look of your blog...and i most certainly like your picture at the top. so beautiful!

    change is good...(most of the time!)

  2. Change can go both ways. It is either you like it or not. But taking some risk can be a good thing, especially if you are talking about giving your home a facelift. And what you did to your patio door is amazing. I’m sure your guest would look at your patio every time they visit your house. And I think that is one good change for you and your house. :-) [Marla Hinds]