Thursday, September 8, 2011

random // busy bee

I've been busy in this room lately.  Can't you tell?  It's a mess!!!

Needing to scrap the last of my "last winter" photos.  This layout showcases a photo of me & my two sisters having fun on the toboggan slopes at a neighbour's.  Just some random fun products sitting on my desk and in my muffin tins.  I used watercolour paper and some watered down acrylic paints to create the background paper.  I then stitched it onto a patterned 12x12 paper.
 Here are 3 layouts I've created recently for Nikki Sivils, Scrapbooker.
 My Little Monster - product line
 School is Cool - product line
School is Cool - product line

Working on a few other projects right desk may stay looking like this for a while.  Some deadlines to meet (right in the middle of harvest time to boot).  I have all my September ones done, photos taken & sent in by email.  Now for the October ones.  Who knows.....we may still be harvesting then.  Gotta get 'em done early.  Hate having things hanging around.

Hey................and check this post out.  BIG news.................BIG BIG news.  I'm flying at the end of Sept.

tired {from the farm},

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