Wednesday, September 7, 2011

off to school

Daria - Grade 8
 my super-musically-talented-confident-and-intelligent-new-red-headed girl.

Asha - Grade 2
my determined-adorable-soft-hearted-stubborn girl.

Carter - Grade 6
 my highly-motivated-super-smart-determined-sporty-&-opinionated son.

 Get ready, they come. {sigh}
insert * They had a great first day today.  I bet tomorrow will be even better.

enjoying the quiet of the house - giggle giggle {from the farm},


  1. so now if you didn't have to drive the combine you could have the entire day and house to yourself!!! so many things you could do!!! i hope that your kids have a great week at school. and wow, daria's hair is rocking! she's a beauty!
    love you guys!

  2. LOVE THE HAIR!!! Wow she's growing up eh???!!!! And Asha looks oh so sweet and Carter is all boy :) Love the photos and descriptions and can't wait to hang with you!!!!!!