Thursday, April 7, 2011

Drawing Inspiration from ........

...... a colour & "stuff". Just some pretty stuff to look at today -- and some notes to special people in my life. {Sigh..........} This bedroom was the inspiration photo for my oldest daughter brand new bedroom -- we are just done it. I'll share photos very soon :)
Always love a good barn door in the house (seriously.......I have one too).

And why not yellow? LOVE it!!!!

Love the collection of photos -- thinking I should do something like this in my front entrance. Mental note to a friend: need to start collecting different photo frames, Lisa!!!!!

cute butterflies ....... thinking VINYL!!!!!! {hint hint}

who can cut me frames like this? or can I find them at auction/garage sales? a must-do project with sister!!!!!!

enjoy the day {from the farm},



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  2. Did you were mean me? As I was hunting for photos from your sister.... then I'm almost done! Love the inspiration! Can't wait to see Daria's room. =) Lisa