Friday, September 24, 2010

Good Morning Grade Sevens.......

This morning (or afternoon; I'm not really sure of the timetable yet), my daughter is presenting my blog to her classmates in her Speaker's Club class. Her assignment was to choose a website and present 5 interesting topics about the website. She chose my blog (pretty cool, considering they are so many websites to choose from). So......I'm going to be chatting to THEM today in this post.

Hey Gr. 7ers & Mrs. Taylor -

Hope you are having a fantastic day and enjoying all the fun you are having in Speaker's Club. By now, Daria has talked about some of the features that you can see here on my blog. This is a space where I can kind-of "sell my scrapbooking style" to some of the scrapbooking companies that are out there in the industry. Through this blog, I have been able to meet (well, not meet face-to-face) a ton of people and it's even landed me a few Design Team jobs. Presently, I am on 2 different design teams and I've been able to discover friends from the United States, Germany, Singapore, UK & many more countries.

So.......I wanted to share a scrapbooking layout with all of you this morning. It's one that I created a while ago (and I've probably even shared it on my blog before), but it's a good one for your class to see.

Sorry, Adam & Daria................I just had to do it!!!!!! This photo was taken last Christmas when Daria received a chocolate mask in her stocking at her grandparents. Somehow, Daria talked Adam in trying the mask and, of course, I quickly snapped a photo of them. Sooooooo glad I did!!!!!

(hey guys........don't give Adam a hard time today about made his skin silky soft.......don't knock it 'til you try it)!!!!!!!!!

I wish I had a goofy layout of Brianna & Daria as well, but I'll have to save something for next time.

Hope you all have a great day...................and good luck on all your speeches.

snickering {from the farm},

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  1. Good morning, Dare! I was checking your mom's blog, and HAD to leave a comment for you as well. (Great choice for web site BTW). LOVE the picture/layout of you and Adam - I'm sure I'll hear all about it when he gets home today! Take Care - and have a great day!
    (Auntie Buff)