Thursday, May 20, 2010

what's in your closet?

Giving you a sneak peek at the layouts I created for my next myStampBOX post. I scheduled it tonight for next week sometime, so you'll have to check out their blog EVERYDAY to see it AND the layouts.
I'll give you a little hint: one of the themes given to me was "Colour Combos" and I chose to give it a little "fashion" twist.
Next week I want to introduce you to a new company. I just received a BOX-FULL!!!!!! of product from them today and will be b.u.s.y. next week creating, creating, creating........woo hoo. There's some yummy stuff in there!!!

For now, I'm gonna rest............ 'til tomorrow.
{from the farm},


  1. Looks enticing!!! And is the box you received "THE BOX"????? Be sure to send me copies of some of the layouts and I'll post them as well :) Have fun creating!!!!!!!!

  2. It is "THE BOX"!!!!! Woohoo!!!! I will HAVE to find time on Monday to start creating with the fabulous stuff. I'll be sure to send it all your way as well.