Wednesday, February 10, 2010

a few scraps to share

Wanted to share just a few of the creations that I've been playing with lately..... been playing with a lot of "left-overs" lately {little things sitting on my desk -- within reach}. love this!

Amour: a little layout about the love of my life.
Lots of layering and adding some texture from scraps on my desk. love these quick and easy pages.
Up a Tree: love the little owl i created on the branch -- made from scraps of pp, some buttons & a little bit of stampin'.

The top 3: a favourite "proud mommy" moment in my life when Daria was one of 3 who received top marks in her grade 5 class last year w/ a gpa of 95.5%. All I can say is "wow"!!! I never studied THAT much!!!
A close-up of the cool trees made from some scrap pp.

Once upon a Time: love this Alice in Wonderland-inspired layout -- love how Asha seems so lost in her book AND lost in a fantasyland of flowers.

The flower are actually made from scraps of tissue paper and mod podge; dried; then punched out. I used strips of ribbon for the stems and Magic Mesh for the leaves. The title is hand-written with watercolour pencils & a blending pen.
11 @ 11: I've been holding onto this photo for a while (one of those ones that you just don't want to screw up -- you know the one). Another layout with tons of layers, dimension & texture.

'09 Hockey: okay......this layout has actually been sitting on my stack "to do" since.....ummmm.......last spring (right after hockey season ended). Wow -- finally got it finished. Feels good. All the little "things" added to the layout were in my "better-keep-it; might-staple-it-on-somewhere-someday" stash on my desk.
I created the layout so Carter's hockey card could flip -- name & number on the front ...

... the team photo & Carter's stats on the back.

enjoy the weekend!!!
later {from the farm},


  1. I love all your layouts Jill, Wow they are awesome. Love the dimension, I'm so inspired to play with my scraps and make a tree. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Such beautiful work and photos (as always). And I too am inspired to create with my scraps if they can end up looking like that!!!! And BTW... know that you can always reprint a favourite photo and scrap it over again on a different layout (not that you need to as that layout is stunning!!)... only costs about $.15 cents... and pretty sure the scrap police will NOT come knocking on your door if you do scrap the same photo twice!!! Love ya!