Monday, November 23, 2009

we have a WINNER!!!! there were sooooo many of you that read my blog and posted a guess & comment. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!!!!
You girls had some really great guesses (except for Allison, who should know me better than to guess "9") -- just kidding, Al. love ya'!!!!
It's true -- sometimes it takes us so long to wind ourselves down on these "weekends away" that we actually don't accomplish that much. But....who said that successful scrapbooking is counted in numbers of layouts? Not me :) I'm just happy to get away with some friends; laugh, eat, sleep, dance (yeah....we do some dancin' in the late hours), and just have a hoot with some great friends.
So......the winner is......

JL Hildebrand said...
Sounds like a great time! Now if I know you, there was some fun times - but there was also some serious scrap-time. So, I am going to guess that you got 19 layouts done. My first instinct was over 20, but I think you will have enough product to get a "few" more done during the week. - Lisa

Congratulations, Lisa. I will get you a goodie bag of some favourite products in the next few days. could come pick some out as you only live a few miles from my house {lol}. Too funny!!!

Now, the actually total of single-page LOs that I brought home finished FROM VALLEYVIEW was...........24.

I will show you ALL OF THEM in next few days.
Here's one for now:

And here's the whole group of scrapbookers at Valleyview. Love these girls!!!!! (I'm standing on the RHS of the photo -- third one in).

thanks for playing {from the farm},

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  1. No way! I never win anything! Thanks, Jill - can't wait to come and raid your stash! Lisa