Monday, November 16, 2009


I think it would only be suitable to congratulate myself on reaching the 50 post mark on this blog. I do not say this because I am vain. I say this because I was once a very skeptical blog-reader. When I was told that I should start my own blog, I was the first to laugh and say "who on earth would read what I have to say?"

Well......who knows who's actually reading all this. But I am having a lot of fun posting for you; bringing you a little piece of my scrapbooking life, snippets of my family, new layouts, the occassional technique (have to get better at that one) and lots of fun photos.
So, to mark my 50th Post I want to have my very first contest -- online.

Here's the deal.

This past weekend I spent 3 days at a fabulous camp (Valleyview) scrappin' with some of my friends. Friends that I only get to see this particular weekend. I had gone scrap-shopping a few weeks prior (paper, embellies, ribbon, etc.) and everything that I purchased, I kept in the shopping bags to only use during this weekend. Wow!!!! Was that every hard!!!! I was sooooo excited to get to work with my new stuff. I had an awesome time visiting with my sister-in-laws (they both sat at the same table as me all weekend -- that's the best part of the weekend), eating food I didn't have to prepare or clean up, going to bed whenever I wanted, getting up whenever I wanted, eating a whole bag of chocolate Mini Eggs already on the first night (they were supposed to last all weekend -- ooops.) and scrappin' lots of fun layouts.'s the 50th Post question of the week:

Can you guess how many single-page layouts I created this weekend?

All I need is a number. Here's a hint: I don't go for quantity. I go for sleep.

So, post your guess in the comments and I will, of course, pick the closest guess next week. The lucky person will be sent a fabulous package of some of my favourite products. Tell your friends; they can play too. Then I will post some of my fave layouts from the weekend.

Here's a sneak peek at some to leave you hangin'.

smiles & counting {from the farm},


  1. Hey Sunshine! I definitely DON'T need more stuff, but oh I love it all especially anything you love and I really want to have fun guessing and I definitely do love to read your blog, but it makes me miss you though :(
    Now on to the guess... I've never had the privilege of cropping with you at a "normal" event so this really is a guess!! I'm going to say 9!! No matter what, I'm anxious to see them all!! Allison

  2. Sounds like you had a great weekend. I have a retreat this weekend and I'm looking forward to having someone cook and clean the dishes for me. Oh how wonderful Scrapbook Retreats are. I'm going to guess lucky 13. Looking forward to seeing your layouts. I love reading your blog and I sure hope we get to crop together again at some point. I'm still hoping you will do the alcohol ink tutorial you were talking about.

  3. Great guesses, girls!!! It's still coming, Diane. I'll share it before Christmas. Would LOVE to scrap at a crop with both of you -- now THAT would be a hoot! Keep the guesses coming!!

  4. Sounds like a great time! Now if I know you, there was some fun times - but there was also some serious scrap-time. So, I am going to guess that you got 19 layouts done. My first instinct was over 20, but I think you will have enough product to get a "few" more done during the week. Lisa

  5. Hello Gals
    I am just getting into life beyond CM and am learning so much.
    I just took Kathy's classes on photography at hockley and learned so much. I am now going on the cruise in November.
    I too go on weekends and love my sleep but I seem to get about 15 done. So that is my guess. You have an amazing talent Jill. Can't wait to see the layouts.

  6. I'm going to guess 11. COngrats on your 50 posts.

  7. congrats on your 50th post. i love that you are blogging. it's an awesome way for me to stay updated with what is going on with you and your family. that holiday you planned sounds fantastic!
    i am gong to guess that you got 16 layouts done. am i right?

  8. I am going to guess 7. I once went on a weekend away and got 2 layouts done. By the time the weekend was over I figured they had each cost me about $250.00!! Next time I went away I did an 8 X 10 formal portrait album and got about 35 done, so I guess it all evens out in the long run :O)
    All that matters is that you had fun!! Sounds like you did!!

  9. Jill, I just wanted you to know that I LOVE your blog! But reading it makes me miss you like crazy!!! I was just looking at my that wonderful 2-page spread I did at Camp Caroline (I still get mini anxiety attacks just THINKING about that class LOL)and at the page I did with "our" photo(remember the boxing gloves?) from that weekend and had a moment reliving those wonderful memories! My guess for the contest is: 15 and I want details on that 3-day event becasue I would love to be there next year! Cheers! and don't stop Blogging Lynne Mizera

  10. I sure enjoy reading your blog. I wish you would be closer...I would still love for you to come visit the East Coast some day. I had a blast with you on the Cruise. I am going to guess 8 layouts. Hugs. Chantal

  11. Hey there! Happy 50th...although I thought you were younger than that...Belated HB to you on sat. (the gift is in the "mail"). I am going to guess 18 - cuz you have an amazing way to get stuff DONE. Glad the weekend was great -hope the crop this coming weekend will be good too. Take care, buff