Tuesday, March 15, 2011

for those cuddling little pink bundles today

It's been nutz around here.
No excuses for the lack of posting.
No new babies.
No new job.
No weddings, funerals or celebrations.

Just a quick trip to Minneapolis.
Just a few "minor" renovations in my kids' bedrooms (when do I ever do something minor?).
Just a "few" subbing days (more like a few EVERY week).
Just my LIFE.
And I love it!!!
enjoying the sunshine (from the farm},


  1. Thanks Jill. Love the layouts. Love that you are enjoying life! Thinking of you and your family today!

  2. I love your layouts, they are so bright and cheerful. We could use some sunshine here on the Westcoast, it has been drab and rainy for days. You always insprire me and this time I'm going to play with my Glimmer Mist and Corrugated cardboard.

  3. Jill these are gorgeous!!! hugs, Katrina