Monday, August 9, 2010


i'm not lost.
but i'm finding myself lost in a summer of wonderful moments.
i'm re-connecting with my family.
i'm enjoying small

watching this little peanut discover the mermaid inside herself and watching her swim through the sparkling underworld every day.

sharing backyard fires with family & friends.
taking in the silence as i canoe on a beautiful afternoon with very special people.
reconnecting with a best friend i haven't seen in "way too long".

watching 5 boys stand silently to enjoy the view.

playing with my new vintage bike from my mom.days spent with my great kids (probably the greatest in the world)!!!!!!
blooms discovered in the gardens around my yard.

what are the connections you have made this summer?
enjoy your day {from the farm},

1 comment:

  1. no hands no hands! LOL! gosh i remember riding like that through town and now i am too scared to do it for 10 seconds

    totally fun photos!