Friday, May 8, 2009

Celebrating My Mom ...

Ten things i love about my mom:

1. the dozens of cookies she makes for my kids' lunches throughout the year
-- I'm NOT a gifted baker.

2. she loves shopping -- i love shopping. Need I say more?

3. she is incredibly gifted at cleaning. Why do i love that? duh...................!!

4. my mom knows everything there is to know about the NHL: teams, coaches, players, rules, stats, play-offs, records, etc. I would love to surprise her someday with tickets to an NHL game in some city, but the woman won't step foot in a crowded arena. Maybe I'll just get the team to come to her -- wouldn't that be a nice gift?? Anyone have any connections?

5. she makes eggs & toast for my kids for breakfast when they go for a sleep-over. Now that's love.

6. Ron (my husband) & my mom get along so incredibly well -- that is soooooo worth everything to me. :)

7. Her feet are bigger than mine. Sorry, Mom -- had to!!!

8. Her short hair. It's something we have in common and probably forever will have in common. Love that!!!!!

9. Her advice -- when asked for or not -- hey, that's what mothers are for.

10. The fact that many people in our lives have mistaken my mom as being my sister; not my mom. She looks so young, dresses hip & cool, and is really close to me & my two sisters. If I could choose another sister, I'd definitely choose my mom.

Happy Mother's Day, Mom.
LOVE YOU!!!!!!

from the farm {about 1 hour away},


  1. Had to check out your blog (since I now know you have one!) tonight - it was GREAT to see you this weekend ... great memories were definitely made in Pilot Mound - one of the bright spots from our life in Manitoba!! Anyhow - loved this post - brings a tear to my eye - wishing I lived closer to my mom and my sister!!

  2. btw Julius = actually Hetty :-)