Tuesday, April 7, 2009

What a Weekend!!!!!!!

This past weekend I instructed at the Brandon Charity Convention hosted by some lovely ladies that are just too cool & fun for words!!!! I always have such a great time at this convention with everyone and I want to personally thank Janet, Chris, Rose & all their family members and planning team for hosting such a SPECTACULAR Scrapbooking Event and being such wonderful people who think of others first!!!!! You girls are awesome and I feel honored every year to be asked to teach!!!!

So........here are just a few things that happened during the weekend and some stuff you should be checking out right now:

1. my "Frame It Big" class was a HUGE success and everyone loved the 18" frames that we stamped. If you are looking for a unique & beautiful piece of art to decorate, please check Laura Lee Harms' blog out at www.cutyourway.blogspot.com for awesome products.

2. The layout class I taught this weekend was amazing!!! Classes like these get me sooooo excited b/c everyone's layouts start looking so amazingly different {even though most of them are trying to copy the sample layouts}. I love how each layout has its own flaire & each person adds their own unique style to them. Thanks to all participants that attended my classes. I have made some great friends at this convention once again!!!!!

3. my sister-in-law, Heather Hildebrand was at the convention working in the Smalltown Scrappers booth and she was rockin' out the demos. If you were there & were lucky enough to chat with Heather about ANY product out there, you will agree with me that she is one of the most knowledgeable teachers in this industry when it comes to new products. She tries them all and then lets the rest of us know what they're like, what's great about them, what's not so great & how we can use the products on different projects & lo's. If you are ever at a convention where she is..........do yourself a favour & check out her classes or demos.

4. Smalltown Scrappers is closing their physical-store doors, but keeping their online store rockin' & rollin'!!!!!! Yeah!!!!!!! So you can imagine the great sales that were happening at the Brandon Charity Convention. If you are looking for ANY product at INCREDIBLY reasonable prices, check out www.smalltownscrappers.com.

5. Coming up in May, I will be teaching at 2 different venues:

First, on the National Scrapbook Weekend (May 1-3), I will be instructing several classes at the Smalltown Scrappers Crop and Close Event in Pilot Mound, MB. If you are interested in attending, email scrappin@mts.net for more details, or visit www.smalltownscrappers.com.

Secondly, I will be flying to Calgary to instruct at Camp Caroline {just north of Clagary}. The "Scrapbook Your Heart" retreat is designed to provide scrapbookers with the perfect opportunity to explore various matters of the heart and include these important parts in your scrapbooks! I am so honored to be asked to be a Special Guest Instructor this year and join Allison Orthner (www.allisonorthner.com) for another weekend of fun again!!!! Check out: www.scrapbookyourheart.com. I am sooooooo needing a weekend like this!!!! Work, play, heart-to-heart chats, laughing, crying, EATING, sleeping, etc. Thanks for this opportunity, Al.

That's all for today.

smiles to all {from the farm},

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  1. Sounds like you had a great event in good ol' Manitoba!! I will have to come out for that one of these years :) And... sooo looking forward to hanging again in May... hot tub here we come!!!!